Boch Exotics Storage

Storage Package: $500 per month
• Climate-Controlled, Year-Round Storage Facility
• 24-hour surveillance system and overnight security guard• Full-time battery and tire maintenance
• Tires filled with nitrogen upon request
• Service needs can be addressed while vehicle is in storage
Exotics Storage and Maintenance
Boch Exotics is dedicated to providing you with a complete service experience. One of the most important parts of our overall service offerings is the secured storage of your vehicle. We offer this storage year-round to satisfy your needs at any time, especially when the time comes to arrange for proper care and storage of your vehicle. Beginning this October, our expanded storage space will be completed and prepared to store more than 75 vehicles of any make or model. As always, our building offers 24-hour, on-site security and an elaborate surveillance system. The building is climate controlled, and all cars have full time battery and tire maintenance. Whether your car is with us over the summer or in the winter, we are able to perform any service work on your vehicle. 

Boch Exotic's Storage and Maintenance Facility
All makes and models are welcome
Climate controlled, year-round storage facility
24-hour security guard and elaborate surveillance system
Full time battery and tire maintenance
Tires are filled with Nitrogen upon request
Only 24 hours' notice required to have your car fully detailed and ready to drive
All required services can be performed while your car is in storage

As an expert exotics dealer in New England, we can perform all of your warranty and service requirements during your off-season. Your vehicle will also receive a full detail in spring. When it comes time to go out on the open road, your vehicle will be rested and ready to go!

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