Top Three Car Care Tips for Spring

With warmer weather approaching, you’ll want to ensure your vehicle is truly worthy of area roads. It is for that reason that we encourage drivers to perform spring maintenance on their vehicles. Winter can be particularly hard on your ride, and by following some basic service tips, you can continue to enjoy your car for the many summer miles ahead.

Three Spring Auto Maintenance Tips

Much like winter calls for specific maintenance to be performed, so does spring. And our team is well equipped to help. Here are three top maintenance tips from our service technicians to prep your vehicle for spring:

  • Check Your Tire Pressure:
    As temperatures change, so you can your tire pressure. Be sure you are monitoring tire pressure, so you don’t experience any potential damage.
  • Check Your Fluids:
    Your vehicle relies on a variety of fluids to function properly. From oil to coolant, you’ll want to make sure everything is at prescribed levels.
  • Schedule a Service at Boch Exotics:
    No one knows cars quite like we do. If you’re looking for exotic car service, our service center is ready to help. We suggest making an appointment with our team so we can check and inspect your vehicle for any winter wear.
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