What to Do When You're Ready to Remove Your Vehicle from Winter Storage

You're probably already aware, but here at Boch Exotics, we offer climate-controlled auto storage for your luxury or exotic car all-year-long! If that interests you, feel free to reach out to one of our associates for additional information! If, however, like the title of this post implies, your vehicle is currently stored with us, but you feel the open road calling, and you're ready to remove it from winter storage in time for spring cruising, we're a simple phone call away!

Contact us today, and we'll happily prep your vehicle for road-use this spring, removing the nitrogen from its tires (if applicable), taking care of any necessary outstanding maintenance or repairs, and even detailing your vehicle for you. (The last part, we do regularly during the spring for all of our auto storage clients and their vehicles).

Have a Special Service Request? Contact Us!

Whether you're just checking up on the condition of your car before taking it out of storage, or you have a special request, like conditioning your leather, or applying a protective vehicle coating, we're happy to accommodate your service questions or requests. As such, don't hesitate to reach out to us today if you have one. We look forward to further assisting you and wish you happy, safe travels on the roads of Norwood this spring!

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